The Goat Gourmet Natural Pet Treats with Goat Milk- Barley and Peanut Butter Flavor

The Goat Gourmet Natural Pet Treats with Goat milk, Barley and Peanut Butter FlavorDetails

The Goat Gourmet™ Natural Pet Treats are formulated with whole grains and goat milk whey.

The Nutrimill grain mill is used to grind the whole grains into flour at the time of preparation. This preserves the natural vitamins found in the whole grains and provides a healthier treat for your pet. Add the natural goodness and nutrient-rich Goat Milk Whey, and you have a real gourmet, healthy treat for dogs, cats, horses, or goats. This is an all-natural product with no preservatives. For longer shelf-life, we recommend storing the treats in a refrigerator.

Barley and Peanut Butter flavor is made in the fire hydrant shape. We use organic peanut butter without hydrogenated oils in this tasty treat.
Ingredients: Whole Wheat Flour, Barley Flour, Rice Flour, Organic Peanut Butter (No hydrogenated oils), Goat Milk Whey

Packaged in cellophane bag with paw prints inside an adorable paw-printed box with window.

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Loving and pampering your pet is your business. Making the healthy, natural treats to spoil them with, is our business!
Another high quality product by Daily Blessings Farm.

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